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July Week 3

Hi guys. It’s blogday night. Not a lot of programming on the sphere this week. A few more challenges/levels, but basically only one night was spent on the sphere game. Two nights were spent in a cabin on a lake … Continue reading

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Metal parkour sphere week 2.

I’m not sure if it’s my browser or WordPress that ate the blog I just wrote, but I don’t really want to rewrite it, so here’s the shortish version: The engine is finished. Yay! In a perfect world, there are … Continue reading

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METAL athletic sphere game week 1.

So I’ve spent the week Streaming¬†and actually doing as much programming as I’ve wanted to for the last many months. That’s good. The game is, ideally, a 3D platformer whose challenges are a test of precision¬†√† la Super Meat Boy … Continue reading

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This game was made very quickly. Essentially, it is almost the simplest possible infinite runner game. It is called “CATCH ALL THE RED THINGS” and you can download it here. This was conceived of one day, created the next in … Continue reading

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