September week, uh, 4?

Oh hey guys it’s, wait, oh crap, did I seriously miss two weeks in a row? Wow. I was just worrying about last Thursday, but dang. It may have helped that there are not that many distinct events to report on, but still. I should be ashamed.

Okay, news. I ordered and had arrive some fighting sticks, and while they serve their purpose, they’re loud as heck, and the stick is rather clicky (and reports only three bits worth of data), suggesting I got what I paid for in terms of quality (2 for $55). If I can find a place to buy some buttons and a new joystick, I will finally do some controller modding.

I moved in to college, which is probably what took up the blogging time. I was packing last blogday, so I was basically busy the whole day. In the preceding days I was crushed with the terror of a huge change, which generally resulted in restless paralysis. I will say that I’m glad its over. I knew even then that it would be fine with the passage of time, I just wished time would hurry up and pass already.

Haven’t really met any game dev nerds yet. Many gamers, of both video and Pen-and-paper varieties, but not so much programmers. One guy who wants to start a video game company, but I think he’s a buisness major or something. I will have to make him expound on his interest.

I’ve picked up speed running, against my better judgement. I’m one of the few people who runs Electronic Super Joy, which is optimally a 30-or-so minute game, but which takes me that+1/2, so there is definitely still room for improvement. Upon learning that we both played the game, my roommate and I started casually racing SA2B, but that’s a two-day-old endeavor, so we’ll see if it persists.

Speaking of my roommate, he also plays LoL, as a support, so he wants to train me to be a decent ADC. We’ll see where that goes as well.

You’ll note I haven’t mentioned much actual programming happening. That floundered along with the rest of me in the days leading up to the move, but I have something to publish this month. I should be settled in enough by next month to be able to give you something new.

Oh yeah, I said last post I would update you on the quality of Electronic Super Joy, right? Well, I have explored the game rather thoroughly and am pleased to report that it is GOOD. Seriously, go buy it. It is very difficult (occasionally in the style of SMB, occasionally in the style of Super Crate Box, and occasionally in its own special terrible way), so be warned, but very good. I speedrun this game I like it so much. Go buy it. Get the soundtrack, too.

Anything else? If you make games and go to the University of Washington, we should hang out. See y’all.


About Bowlercaptain

I am a programmer, budding game designer, and occasional writer. Romantic turn-ons include short walks on the beach and elegant code.
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