Dear Asymmetric release!

And here’s a thing. I made this in response to Jick of Kingdom of loathing saying repeatedly on their podcast/radio show that he wished someone would implement a text-to-speech engine in Unity so that he could make a game in the vein of Dear Estaban – { a game like Dear Esther but comedic }, but randomized. This uses an implementation of the Windows Text-To-Speech engine by Unity forum member ZJP, and for which I wrote a Regular-expression-based system for “word buckets”, allowing pretty much any kind of randomized structure to be produced. The game takes the form of a letter to the Asymmetric team, navigated as an FPS character, à la Dear Est(her/aban).


About Bowlercaptain

I am a programmer, budding game designer, and occasional writer. Romantic turn-ons include short walks on the beach and elegant code.
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