60 FPS

Well. It looks like it’s been a year minus 13 days since I last posted to this blog. That may get an explanation blog later if necessary. In the meantime, 1 game a month long since completed (the first year), I am starting a new project! This one will take longer to complete. Significantly longer. If the pattern holds, five times longer. It’s probably going to write quite the story eventually. But, before I can tell you that story, I have to tell you this story...

A group of friends and I are hanging out after D&D. Well, half of the day was D&D, the other half is a partial conversion of the Pokemon Tabletop Adventures system into the Mystery Dungeon Universe, but it’s all dark and gritty and there are slavers and murder and surprising amounts of romance. Anyway, someone forgot their bag when they left early so we’re bringing it to them, and we end up standing around for ten minutes talking about nothing important. Halfway through a guy asks us if we know somewhere he can go to smoke pot, and we don’t know because we’re as square and clean-cut as Antichamber. Someone says something about something about First Person Shooters, and being of the videogamesman persuasion, I light up and say “Ooh, I should make an FPS!” [note: At this point it is 1:00AM, I am very tired and not thinking reasonably.] In response, someone [note to future self, if you are wondering who got you into this mire, it was Conor.] wisecracks “Wait, just one FPS? Wouldn’t that be super slow?” Ah ha ha. Very funny. First Person Shooter = Frame(s) Per Second. He knew what I meant, but just to be funny, he took a big bite out of my jugular vein! But he’s right, in a way. Making just one FPS would be super slow, because if I tell myself to make a first person shooter by ..eventually, I will probably not make a first person shooter. That is why I’m taking him up on it. Full, modern framerate (as of 2014). Sixty. I am going to make 60 First Person Shooter games. Do you doubt? Just watch me.

Just for quality of life, I’m going to say that anything I work on counts, even if I don’t make it all myself, so I don’t spend a year working on something knowing in the back of my mind that it won’t count. A lot of games are going to count, because I now have to make a lot of games. To that end, I am going to need a lot of ideas. If you have any you’re willing to share, please do so at your earliest convenience. I’ve already got ten in the list, of which six are any good, of which two are probably actually any good. I will endeavor to post them here, and probably on Itch.io or Playdot or something, or maybe I’ll get a real website one of these days, and maybe some of them will be commercial ventures. I will make them in Ludum Dares and 7DFPSes, I will make them in whatever framework seems like a good idea at the time, whether for convenience of familiarity or for personal education. I will likely Stream some of the development. Er, Stream some of the development. Er, Stream some of the development. There we go.

I wonder if I’m going to remember this moment when I’m, say, sixty. Will I have had the dedication to keep churning these out? All of these things in the same genre, even?Probably not. Here’s hoping, though. (60×10-word-post).


About Bowlercaptain

I am a programmer, budding game designer, and occasional writer. Romantic turn-ons include short walks on the beach and elegant code.
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