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I am a programmer, budding game designer, and occasional writer. Romantic turn-ons include short walks on the beach and elegant code.

60 FPS

Well. It looks like it’s been a year minus 13 days since I last posted to this blog. That may get an explanation blog later if necessary. In the meantime, 1 game a month long since completed (the first year), I … Continue reading

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Paddles and ball release!

A game made in 35 minutes during the zero hour game jam. download it here. Easy mode can be played with the mouse – hard mode is played with WASD, the arrow keys, or a controller’s left stick.

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Dear Asymmetric release!

And here’s a thing. I made this in response to Jick of Kingdom of loathing saying repeatedly on their podcast/radio show that he wished someone would implement a text-to-speech engine in Unity so that he could make a game in the … Continue reading

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September week, uh, 4?

Oh hey guys it’s, wait, oh crap, did I seriously miss two weeks in a row? Wow. I was just worrying about last Thursday, but dang. It may have helped that there are not that many distinct events to report … Continue reading

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The PAX 2013 blog

Hello all. PAX just happened, which was eventful. I’ll get straight to it: I saw and played the demo of Life Goes On, a game that, as a designer, inspired the “why didn’t I think of that?” reflex because of … Continue reading

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August week 4

So, Ludum Dare happened. That was cool again, I’m just remembering that I need to play some other people’s games to make sure ours gets rated. Short version blog today because I’m in a mood that does not lend itself … Continue reading

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To War! release

Skirmish strategy game that rewards quick decision-making, made in less than 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 27 Jam, in which the theme was “ten seconds”. Downloadable through its Ludum Dare entry page.

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